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What is HIIT

Jul 27th, 2016

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What is HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage in the fitness industry at the moment and now research claims this kind of maximum capacity exercise routine can get great fitness and health results in a shorter duration than other training methods.

Short, intense bursts of effort followed by periods of recovery.
The basic recipe? Go as hard as you can for a short period of time, rest, and then repeat.
It’s the intervals that allow you to keep pushing into your max effort training zone.

Exercise scientist Chris Jordan, at the Human Performance Institute in Florida, USA, says that according to research HIIT seems to be an efficient means of exercise to help decrease body fat, improve insulin sensitivity (a marker linked with type 2 diabetes), and boost exercise capacity, endurance and muscular fitness.

However this type of training is not for everyone. “This is something I would recommend to a health and fitness conscious person who is exercising regularly and has a reasonable knowledge for undertaking the program in a self-directed manner,” says Nigel Stepto, Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology at Melbourne’s Victoria University.

A number of classes at the Warehouse incorporate elements of HIIT but do not use it exclusively. This means our members receive some of the benefits associated with HIIT in a safe, supervised environment, whilst minimising the downside. Classes that may incorporate HIIT include Cycle, Grit, Boxer and Bootcamp.

If you are looking to incorporate HIIT in your training regime and are unsure then seek advice from your medical professional. For the more experienced fitness enthusiast you could consider adding a HIIT cardio session to one or two of your workouts each week and monitor your progress. A varied training program is advocated to prevent the body from becoming too efficient and avoid the boredom that may ensue from training the same way week in week out!