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Half way through the year but it’s not too late to achieve those health and fitness goals!

Jul 3rd, 2016

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Half way through the year but it’s not too late to achieve those health and fitness goals!

Can you believe that we are already half way through this year?!? At the start of the year many of us listed “get fit and healthy” as one of our goals if not their most important goal. Sadly the majority of people that list “get fit & healthy” as one of their new year’s resolutions will fail to achieve it. So why is it that such an important goal so often falls by the wayside and what can be done about it?

Here are some of the most common “reasons” people fail to achieve their goals.
– Failure to plan
– Fear of failure
– Lack of understanding about what is required to achieve the goal
– Lack of commitment to the goal
– “Tomorrow” syndrome. i.e. I’ll start tomorrow

And these are just some of the traps you can fall into! The good news is if you have the motivation and a plan then you are already half way there. Consider these specific measures to strengthen your chances of achieving the health and fitness goals you set (or at least thought about) at the start of the year.
1) Know where you are at
Take stock of your current situation and capabilities. How fit are you, how flexible are you, how much time do you have, do you have any limitations or injuries. Remember that members are able to take advantage of free appraisals where our qualified staff can take your measurements, blood pressure and fat percentage to create a baseline for where you are currently at and then tailor a training program to help you achieve your goals.

2) Be consistent
We’ve all heard the saying “consistency is key”. Well it’s especially true when it comes to health and fitness. Exercising once a week won’t tone those thighs or get you that six pack. You need to train regularly AND consistently. If you can’t get to the gym regularly then at least go for a walk. Too hot/too cold/too wet outside? Ever heard of push ups, sit ups and lunges…NO EXCUSES!

3) Eat healthy and in moderation
Food is fuel! Your body is a highly specialized machine and needs the right fuel to perform optimally. There are literally thousands of diets out there and even more opinions but the concept is simple. Eat a well balanced diet and don’t skip meals! Eat, and more importantly for many of us, drink alcohol, in moderation.
Regular exercise is also a great way to prevent yourself from falling into the downward spiral of unhealthy eating.

4) Think about getting a training partner or a Personal Trainer
If you are serious about reaching your goals then why not share that goal with a friend and commit to each other that you will see it through. A personal trainer can strengthen your chances of achieving your goal and can make all the difference between success and failure. A personal trainer can tailor a program to achieve your specific objectives and work with you to ensure success. And given that they are passionate about health and fitness they can also inject a good dose of enthusiasm and variety into your exercise regime.

So you may not have got off to the best start this year but plan for success from today and make it count before the year is GONE!

Remember that we are running a 12 week challenge to get your summer body ready!